Your (Shared) Sustainability Manager


What is a Shared Sustainability Manager ?

A Sustainability Expert, whose time you share with a limited number of other companies. You only pay when you call on your Sustainability Manager. This allows your SMB to avoid high costs on its payroll & work on a more sustainable future with expertise and efficiency!


You can not manage what you do not measure. That is why we start with an Impact-Scan. During the Scan, your Sustainability Manager gets to know your company better and simultaneously works on increasing support for sustainable business among your employees. The Impact-Scan offers your company all the insights it needs, to determine its current sustainability position & improve it step by step:

Know the sustainability position of your company in terms of: good governance, employees, society, the environment and customers.

Compare your impact scores with over 100,000 other companies worldwide.

Gain insight into the inefficiencies of your organization & discover where the opportunities lie to do (even) Better Business.

Continuously improve

After the complete social and ecological state of your company has been carefully measured, the Shared Sustainability Manager identifies the opportunities, challenges and quick-wins. Clear ambitions and transparent KPIs are established together. He or she will then look for the best solutions or partnerships to achieve the objectives within time & budget. The Shared Sustainability Manager guides your company and its employees step by step towards a more sustainable future, with better business as a result!

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