Your (Shared) Sustainability Manager

Your Shared Sustainability Manager

Small and medium size businesses often lack the time, the money and the knowledge for a continuous improvement journey. That is why we offer Shared Sustainability Managers & Shared B Leaders. Experts, whose time you share with a limited number of other companies. This allows your SMB to avoid high costs on its payroll and still work on a more sustainable future, with top-notch expertise and efficiency!


You can not manage what you do not measure. That is why we start with an Impact-Scan. During the Scan, your Sustainability Manager gets to know your company better and simultaneously works on increasing support for sustainable business among your employees. The Impact-Scan offers your company all the insights it needs, to determine its current sustainability position & improve it step by step:

Know the sustainability position of your company in terms of: good governance, employees, society, the environment and customers.

Compare your impact scores with over 100,000 other companies worldwide.

Gain insight into the inefficiencies of your organization & discover where the opportunities lie to do (even) Better Business.

Action plan & Execution

After the complete social and ecological state of your company has been carefully measured, the Shared Sustainability Manager identifies the opportunities, challenges and quick-wins. Clear ambitions and transparent KPIs are established together. He or she will then look for the best solutions or partnerships to achieve the objectives within time & budget. The Shared Sustainability Manager guides your company and its employees step by step towards a more sustainable future, with better business as a result!

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