Sustainable business is not about perfection, it’s about reliability

Your stakeholders must be able to trust you

“Facilitating organizations everywhere to act, show & prove when it comes to sustainability” 

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Claims about sustainable business are only credible, if they are also easily verifiable for all stakeholders.

SustainabilityChecker is the number one ecosystem, for companies that prioritize transparency when it comes to sustainability. The app shows your impact and ambitions side by side, with timestamps in the Ethereum Blockchain. As a stakeholder (Checker) you can easily follow up on the ambitions (KPIs) & certified achievements of companies, as they pave their way to an (even) more sustainable future!

Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.

You really don't have to be perfect. On the road to a sustainable future, we are all students. But make no mistake, false claims are dangerous. ensures your image & messaging stay in line with your actual achievements. 

Inspire others to take action!

#Greenhushing is slowing down the sustainability transition we all crave. Now more than ever, we need the companies making progress on sustainability to inspire their peers to make a start! We provide a QR code for your packaging, brochures, invoices, e-mail signature, service vans and any other place that is relevant for you to inspire others in to action. The QR or web link takes internal and external stakeholders to your transparency page, with more information on your achievements & ambitions. Don’t wash, don’t hush: just act, show & prove!

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Join the Ecosystem for Transparent Impact & Ambitions!


Organizations specialized in sustainable action, who want to inspire others to be transparent about achievements & ambitions.


Companies committed to accelerating the sustainability transition, who want to inspire others with transparent achievements & ambitions.
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