The Perfect Start

To measure is to know

Are you ready to take your first steps but don’t really know where to start? Our 3D Company Photo provides your organization with all the insight & support it requires to start driving Better Business at scale.

The challenge 

Truth is, many companies fail to achieve their sustainability goals. In most cases failure is directly linked to making a false start. A small team of motivated employees realizes the first successes. And that’s great!  Unfortunately these employees also have other tasks to attend. The promising new initiatives then turn into a “finished project” and business-as-usual returns. Sounds familiar? Then it becomes clear that there is a lack of 3 crucial foundations for booking structural results: Internal Support, Collective Knowledge and a Clear Business focus.

The solution

The trick is to make sustainability everybody’s business, right from the start. How? Start with the foundations and make a 3D Photo of your organization. As our experts measure the sustainability of your organization, we simultaneously build up internal knowledge & take your employees along for an inspirational ride. This ensures that when we are done measuring your current state, everybody is able to interpret the results and is inspired to start making structural impact within their role and expertise.

3D Photo: Start with insight & support

Measure sustainability maturity


How willing are your employees and board members to contribute?

Better Business Survey

Our anonymous digital survey gauges for the intrinsic motivation of your employees and management to innovate and change to drive Better Business with more sustainable results.

Better Business Inspiration

Together we look at what your company is already doing very well and we make a comparison with your main competitors.

Measure sustainability knowledge


What is the collective knowledge level of your organization?

Better Business Introduction

During an introduction to the sustainability transitions, based on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, we get to know each other better & enthuse your team.

Better Business Board

Get access to Sustainability Partner's Digital Inspiration Workplace & discover inspiring practical examples!

Where are you missing opportunities for Better Business ?


Where are you missing  opportunities for Better Business?

B Impact Assessment ™

What positive impact does your company have on employees, customers, the community and the environment? Compare your Impact scores with 100,000 other companies around the world.

SDG Contribution Assessment

What individual contribution does your company make to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations? 
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