Is the world better with your company in it?

That is the question every company should be asking itself to stay relevant for the future. Inevitably, the next question is: How do you make something like that measurable? That is why Sustainability Partner developed “The way to B”. A five-step plan to consistently measure & improve the impact of your business. A holistic time saving approach, that takes the entire organization on a continuous improvement journey with a solid impact business model that drives strong results.

Concurrent Impact 

B Corp's BIA offers (unlike CSRD) not only a reporting framework, but also an evaluation framework on your company's performance. Data and insights obtained from your BIA overlap with the requirements for your sustainability reporting. By simultaneously collecting and analyzing this data, you can work more efficiently and save mountains of time! Why choose between making an impact or reporting on it, when you can do both at the same time? This way, not only will you meet the reporting standards, but you will also gain recognition for your long-term commitment to continuous improvement!


The way to B

A plan to consistently measure and improve the impact of organizations.

1. Start with insight & support

The 6P rule (Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance) is a standard management rule that also applies to sustainable business. Take the time to measure the current state of your business. Our Scan provides your organization with the measurable insights it needs to achieve Better Business results at scale. Learn more on why our Starter Scan is the perfect start, for accelerating your sustainability transition with better business as a result by clicking on the link to your right.

2. Know your stakeholders

Do you want to make a sustainable impact as a company? Then it is important to create a corporate culture that is extremely curious about what is going on in the outside world. This enables your company to detect hidden needs. This allows you to focus on solving problems that really matter to your stakeholders. Instead of trying to save the world all at once, we help your employees to zoom in on the challenges that are attractive to your stakeholders and obvious for your specific company to tackle first.

After the complete social and ecological state of your company has been carefully measured & we have a perfect understanding of the latent hidden needs of your stakeholders, we translate your vision into an inspiring sustainable mission. Together, we set clear targets & determine realistic KPIs for the successful rollout of your impact business model. With small, targeted steps, we achieve great results together!

3. From vision to mission, with a strong impact business model

Trippple Impact Model

4. Save Time, Money & Energy !

Why choose between making impact or reporting on it, when you can do both more efficiently at the same time? Our Trippple Impact Model, seamlessly integrates your SDG contribution, B Corp Certification, and CSRD reporting processes. Ensuring that you do not only meet CSRD reporting standards, but also gain valuable recognition as a Certified B Corporation.
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