What is sustainability ?

Sustainability is not just about the environment. Sustainability is essentially about making a consistent and resolute choice for the long term. It means turning away from easy-to-grasp quick successes, when they clearly undermine the long term. Especially when we deal with the things that are most dear to us.

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Sustainability is a flattened concept…

At Sustainability Partner we prefer to use the term ‘Better Business’. Why?  Because if you want to make consistent impact, it’s simply only sustainable if there is also a better business strategy behind it. 

Sustainable Business = Better Business

There is a strong relationship between corporate social responsibility and financial performance. It is both an ethical and an essential economic fact to safeguard our healthy future. By integrating sustainability into all aspects of business operations, companies are able to achieve a long-term return that goes way beyond the mere financials. Check out our ROI5 and learn more!
What is Sustainability?
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